The Edo Competition Ferrari 599 GTB comes in two guises, a 650 hp 599 GTB and the 750 hp 630 GTB

F599 or F630 GTB

Back in early August a snow-white Ferrari was spotted on German roads. Across the side of the car it read Edo Competition, a total give away in regards to who was responsible for this Ferrari 599 GTB package, but not a word was let go in regards to specs. We have finally wrestled the specs from Edo.

The Edo Competition Ferrari 599 GTB comes in two guises, a 650 hp 599 GTB and the 750 hp 630 GTB, for comparison the standard version achieves 620 hp. Many will say that one should not mess with a near perfect car, but that has never stopped Edo Karabegovic from tuning and enhancing supercars like the Lamborghini LP640 or Maserati MC12.

The 599 GTB uses the factory 6.0 liter V12, already the most powerful 12 cylinder berlinetta to come from Maranelo, but has a recalibrated ECU, modified intake system, performance exhaust and high-flow catalytic converters. The 630 GTB on the other hand uses the 6.3 liter FXX engine producing a whopping 750 hp.

The suspension has been developed, together with KW, on the race track and been made suitable for the road and consists of independently adjustable compression and rebound damping providing the driver with whatever set-up s/he wishes. The low-speed compression damping characteristics can be altered while the high-speed setting will remain constant to ensure the ride quality at higher speeds.

The F599 GTB sits on 20 inch rims which are available in customs colours if requested, while the front is lowered by 20 mm and the rear by 40 mm. The 599 GTB uses a new high-flow exhaust system with electronic butterfly valve control, with remote control for adjusting the sound intensity available on request.

Ferrari 599 GTB by Edo Competition