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The Wall of Death is typically meant for motorcycles in a mesmerizing display of centrifugal force. But in this recent promo Mazda put their subcompact Mazda2 (aka Demio) model to the test to show off its versatility.

At the experienced hands of Demon Drome's Wall of Death rider ‘Dynomite' Dave Seymour, the Mazda2 kept its balance on the wall for approximately 8 laps.

In order to do so, Mazda had to make modifications to the suspension to provide enough ground clearance so the Mazda2 could position itself on the lower track and mount the vertical wall.

‘Dynomite' Dave Seymour managed to get the Mazda2 onto the middle of the wall and maintain a speed of around 50km/h (31mph) while experiencing g-forces of approximately 2.5g.

Still, ‘Dynomite' Dave had to descend the Mazda2 off the vertical wall and safely onto the middle ramp without flipping over. Maintaining the right balance of constant pressure on the accelerator pedal while giving a slight left pull on the steering wheel allowed ‘Dynomite' Dave to bring the Mazda2 down for a safe landing.

The Demon Drome is based in Cornwall, UK and tours Europe each summer appearing at events such as the Goodwood Revival.

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