New spy shots indicate that the Ford Fiesta's platform is the basis for a future crossover, and our spies are fairly certain that this isn't the next-gen EcoSport. The Blue Oval's engineers keep this test mule under incredibly heavy camouflage.

Gallery: Ford Fiesta SUV Test Mule Spy Shots

Ford would aim the new Fiesta-based crossover at buyers who think the EcoSport's boxy look is too frumpy for their taste. As these photos show, the future model has a sleeker rear end that gives the vehicle a more coupe-like silhouette. With such a small footprint, this layout might compromise rear cargo room and headroom for folks in the back.  

In front, the test mule shows a strong resemblance to the Fiesta, including lights that follow the fenders towards the windshield. The body cladding doesn't really conceal the wide grille. The bronze-colored wheels are an especially attractive choice and immediately bring to mind the design on rally cars from the 1990s.

At the back, the engineers cover this test mule in a whole lot of camouflage and body cladding. The concealment does a very good job of hiding the design. At least in these images, there are close similarities to the Fiesta. However, many of the pieces could just be placeholders during development, so we can't draw too many conclusions yet. 

Our spies think the production version of this vehicle could be ready for market by 2020, and the Fiesta-based crossover would challenge other small utility models in Europe like the Kia Stonic or Volkswagen T-Cross.

It's now clear whether Ford would try to sell a Fiesta-based, coupe-inspired crossover in the United States. On one hand, it might cannibalize sales from the EcoSport. However, the Blue Oval's decision to make the lineup predominantly SUVs could allow a vehicle like this to broaden the revised product range. 

Source: Automedia

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