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I've said this before and I'll say it again: Australia is the land of Kangaroos, Koalas, Tasmanian Devils, a screaming BMW M3 with a GT-R engine, and a golden Honda lawnmower. Basically, there's a lot of things and animals that are found in the Land Down Under that aren't available to the rest of the world.

But, today's a bit different. Actually, it's a whole lot different than what we used to see here in Motor1.

Meet, Filthy – an aptly-named burnout truck made by Michael Lake from Truckin Stainless in Brisbane, Australia. Now, I've never thought of using the words 'burnout' and 'truck' in the same sentence, until today.

Gallery: Filthy the Burnout Truck from Australia

This oh-so-yellow machine is a custom-made truck built by Lake specifically for burnouts. You know, the art of keeping a vehicle still while running the wheels so it would produce smoke. That's pure entertainment at any part of the world, more so, in Australia. Only this time, this guy made a truck that does it.

According to Lake, it took him seven years of building the truck in his garage. He started from an old rusty cab, slowly building the truck of his dreams and turn it into reality. Even better, Filthy is street legal, no matter how gaudy it looks.

Not surprisingly, Lake gets a lot of Bumble Bee references because of the yellow color theme of his truck (even though it's a screaming Optimus Prime). He even added an Autobot badge beside its quick-release steering wheel to claim the praise.

Filthy has a lot of classic vibe going on in its fascia, particularly with its huge vertical grille. It also has a lift-up bumper so his surprisingly-low truck would be able to go through speed bumps with ease. Inside, the gauges are all custom made by Truckin Stainless. 

Powering Filthy is a quad-turbocharged 28-liter Cummins engine that produces 900 horsepower and 4,000 foot-pounds of torque. Now, that's a lot of torque.

Unfortunately, those who are interested to purchase Filthy would be hard-pressed to convince Lake to sell his ride He specifically said that the truck is part of the family now, so, good luck with that.

Source: Barcroft Cars via Youtube

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