Don't sell your old Ford E-350 bus, turn it into your new adventure vehicle.

There’s nothing more comfortable for your summer vacation than a posh super motorhome. But let’s face it – just a few people can afford to spend $100,000 or more on a vehicle that’s used only three or four times a year. That’s why, here at, we all love affordable campers and today’s find comes from an Arizona-based company called Boho Campers.

The idea is simple yet brilliant – you don’t need an expensive new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, or Fiat Ducato as a donor van. Instead, the folks from Boho are using second hand one-ton commercial vans like the Ford E-350, Dodge Ram Van 3500, and the likes. The only requirements are the van to be in a good shape and to cost less than $10,000.

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Boho’s final goal is to offer its customers a camper which costs roughly $35,000 and has everything you need for a good road trip onboard. The rough sheet metal of the donor bus, including the ceiling, walls, and side paneling, is replaced by warm wood for a cozy and atmosphere in the living space. Usually, the company’s campers can comfortably sleep two grown-ups on a full-size bed with a storage compartment below the mattress.

A small sink is smartly integrated ahead of the bed on the driver’s side of the van and is fueled by an electric pump and a 25-gallon (95-liter) water tank, which also feeds the outdoor shower system.

Boho’s first two conversed vans are based on a 2011 Ford E-350 and a 2007 E-350. The company is also renting campers so you don’t really have to buy one for the next camping season. If you go for one, after all, Boho will offer additional features such as a toilet, upgraded audio system, European-based electrical system (for customers in the United Kingdom), swivel seats, custom storage, and more.

Source: Boho Campers via New Atlas

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