Top Gear’s no-hands drag race video clip opens with an overlay warning people not to imitate the on-screen action. We hope people generally avoid the motoring show’s stunts as a general rule, but when the trio specifically tell viewers not to do this, you know it must be serious. And there was a brief moment where it almost became very serious. More on that in a bit.

The infamous BBC show is into its 26th series, and the latest adventure has Chris Harris, Rory Reid, and Matt LeBlanc goofing about in some older luxury cars. The purpose of this particular stunt is pretty much spelled out in the headline – a no-hands drag race at Top Gear HQ with the winner being the first car to cross the finish line. Of course, the challenge is simply getting to the finish line. Anyone who’s ever driven an old rear-wheel-drive luxury car with overboosted steering can see where this is going.

As for the cars, Chris Harris is driving a big Mercedes, with LeBlanc in a Bentley and Reid taking the high road in a Rolls-Royce. As for the fourth car in the lineup, it's a Dacia Sandero with The Stig behind the wheel and as you can probably guess, he's there to show the trio just how terrible old luxury cars are compared to newer, far less expensive hatchbacks.

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Predictably, hilarity ensues as soon as the flag is dropped. All the cars start immediately start wandering, with Reid eventually going way off the runway. At least he was keeping things relatively slow – LeBlanc and Harris weren’t quite as gentle on the throttle and this leads us to that very serious moment we mentioned previously. If you pause the video at the 57-second mark, we’re fairly certain that’s the moment Harris filled his trousers with poo as a speeding LeBlanc literally flashed by. We can’t see just how close the near collision was, but the screenshot of Harris above pretty much says it all.

This will be the last Top Gear series with Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid on-board. Chris Harris will return for series 27 with new hosts Paddy McGuinness and Freddy Flintoff, while Reid will move exclusively to hosting the TG spinoff Extra Gear.

Source: Top Gear via YouTube

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