Here’s our disclaimer right off the bat. In no way do we condone turning an impressionable youth loose in a car, outside of extremely controlled circumstances. Furthermore, we highly recommend not letting a nine-year-old do a burnout in a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG no matter how safe and secure the location is. We say that not out of safety for the driver and others nearby, but for the sake of your own bank account. Does this dad have any idea what kind of financial Pandora’s Box he just opened?

Unfortunately for this proud papa, his AMG-driving days are now numbered. Somewhere in California (unless the family took the California-registered Merc on vacation) there’s a grinning boy who’s now hopelessly hooked on gasoline and tire smoke. Do you think this kid will settle for anything less than AMG for his first car? Even if he gets stuck with a rusty Pontiac Grand Am you can bet your college fund he’ll find a way to roast the tires. It’s a drug, and now there’s a new addict among us.

Kid's First Burnout

As for the smoke show, it’s impressive enough with junior hesitating just a bit on that first application of the skinny pedal. He opens it up properly in the end, however, and even gives us a short smoky rollout to boot. All in all, we give this burnout high marks for sound and showmanship, though our score for smoke ranks a bit lower. We know the crazy appetite the C63 has for rubber – a proper initiation into the petrolhead world would’ve been a smoke show enveloping the entire car. But hey, gotta leave something for when he turns 10, right?

Joking aside, there will be some people frowning on this father-son experience, but not us. Getting behind the wheel of a car with proper adult supervision is something we bet the vast majority of people did when they were young, and this venue looks pretty safe to us. We weren’t all fortunate enough to lay down an 11 behind the wheel of an AMG Merc like this youngster, but that first real taste of freedom and excitement is the stuff that drives automotive passion. We’re happy this cool dad shared that moment with the world.

Source: C Sexy 3 via YouTube

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