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To date, we've captured mid-engined Corvette prototypes more than a dozen times, both on film and in photos. For now, Chevrolet is keeping mum ahead of the coupe's debut, which we hope is sometime this year. But one major dealer has opened up the pre-order books and is taking deposits for the new Corvette.

Atlantic City, New Jersey-based Kerbeck Chevrolet (which claims to be the "World's Largest Corvette Dealer") is taking deposits for the C8 Corvette, according to the site Kerbeck isn't the first Chevy dealer to open up pre-orders for the C8 – nor will it be the last. This is a standard procedure for most dealers, some even offer deposits years in advance for cars that may or may not exist. But according to insiders, Kerbeck typically only opens up pre-orders weeks before a vehicle's debut. So, the new C8 debut may arrive sooner than expected.

The dealer asks for a $1,000 refundable deposit, either by phone or via a special C8 landing page, and then promises to send over price, color, and option details to customers once available from Chevy. The $1,000 deposit will go towards five percent of the final purchase price.

Granted, this isn't groundbreaking news. But we've heard reports of C8 production starting in December, seen five new videos of C8s testing, and have more than 40 spy photos of a near-production mule, all in just a few weeks. We're crossing our fingers for a C8 debut sooner than later.

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What we know thus far is that the C8 launch, originally scheduled for the New York Auto Show, probably won't happen until later in the year. Electrical issues grounded prototypes, forcing the delay, but a standalone event this summer is still a possibility. When it arrives, expect multiple engine options and potentially even a plug-in hybrid trim later down the line.


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