Even the most die-hard Porsche 911 fans have to admit that the Cayman would be a superior piece of machinery if only Porsche let it. In fact, an earlier version of the 981 chassis Cayman – before the 718 switchover (982) – did just that.

The first Cayman GT4, released in limited numbers in 2016, was a track-ready beast from the factory, powered by the contemporary 911's 3.8 liter flat six. On the track, it proved what people had been saying about the Cayman for a decade: that, given the chance, it could beat the vaunted 911.

The 911 is a historically important model for Porsche, and we cherish each new version of it that comes across our desks (especially when the press packet is accompanied by a set of keys). However, the Cayman's superior chassis and weight distribution (thanks to the mid-engine placement instead of the 911's rear-engine placement) makes any driver feel like a hero compared to the often arcane 911.

When the Cayman and Boxster received the 718 prefix, it also signified a switchover from normally-aspirated flat-six power to a turbo four. The sound was gone, but the fury was more impressive than ever before. Still, we long for flat-six power – and we may be getting it again very soon.

This YouTube video of a 982 Cayman driving around Stuttgart at night shows a barely-camouflaged variant that may very well be a new GT4. If that's the case, then it would likely be powered by the same 3.0 liter turbo flat six seen in the new 911. As excited as we are to get behind the wheel of the newest 911, we're not ashamed to admit that we're more excited to get our hands on this.

Source: DrGumoLunatic on YouTube

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