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Mankind has worked tirelessly over the centuries to harness the planet's power and resources to bend them to our will. Every now and again, the Earth reminds us that, no matter what, the house always wins.

The Facebook page for Fox 31 in Denver, Colorado, just recently shared this harrowing video of an avalanche captured by a motorist's cell phone camera on I-70 in Ten Mile Canyon just outside of Copper Mountain. Colorado, known for its beautiful, snow-covered mountains, looks like a peaceful, pleasant place to live. Our friends that live there have told us that it lives up to the hype, too. However, as this video plainly shows, no matter how beautiful and majestic our planet's natural wonders look, they always have a dark side.

The men in the car began filming shortly after noticing the snow rumbling down the mountainside. The motorists in front of them slowed down to a stop, knowing better than to try to outrun the rapidly approaching cloud of snow. While the most dangerous part of the avalanche – literal tons of snow rolling down the hill at a high rate of speed – thankfully won't reach the roadway, the giant cloud of snow kicked up by the avalanche will.

It would be an exaggeration to say that the two men in this car narrowly avoided disaster. The cars in front of them are enveloped by the snowy cloud, followed by the cameramen themselves after frantically and rapidly backing up. Thankfully, it was just a thin blanket of soft, loose powder, much like a freak snowstorm. As far as we know, nobody was injured. Still, it was a sobering reminder of the power of nature.

Source: FOX31 on Facebook


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