Anyone out there fancy getting a BMW 1-series with 420 ponies under the hood? If you are anything like the WCF staffers, you better join the queue.

An Egyption car enthusiast found the costs of importing a ready made 1M far too costly. He explained on 1Addicts that it would cost more than $150,000 in customs charges to import the vehicle and that does not include the basic cost of buying the model. Therefore he found it far more cost effective to strip a regular E82 120d and fit it with the V8 powerhouse from the BMW M3.

The work took between 3 and 4 weeks to complete and also included modifications to the exhaust system as well as new 20inch custom wheels and wider wheel arches.

There is little chance it manages the same driving dynamics of the BMW 1M but the owner still describes it as stable at both low and high speeds.


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