Outrageous stunts aren't new in the automotive industry, especially the off-roaders. Remember the Range Rover Sport that climbed 999 steps to Heaven's Gate in China? Yes, that was awesome but Mercedes wants to take it to another level by taking its all-powerful G-Class to Argentina to defy gravity. 

Okay, wait. Before you imagine a floating G-Wagen over the sky of Buenos Aires, pause for a moment and ponder if that is even possible on this Earth.

Gallery: Mercedes G-Class Defies Gravity

What Mercedes-Benz did, however, is to send a G-Wagen down to Punta Negra dam in Argentina and let it traverse a 331 feet tall inclined wall – not as we imagined it to be but it's equally impressive. Watch the video on top of this page for the whole stunt.

The Punta Negra dam is a concrete face irrigation system that runs 2,300 feet across San Juan river in San Juan, Argentina. Unfortunately, we're not sure how steep its wall is. What we're sure of, however, is that the G-Class is now 40 years old and this is how Mercedes is celebrating it.

"Over 40 years the G-Class has been continuously developed further, while retaining its character and unmistakable key attributes. Its DNA is stronger than trends, defying both the passage of time and even gravity. We have dramatically demonstrated this with the drive, where the G-Class moves along a dam wall above the abyss," says Dr. Gunnar Güthenke, Head of the Off‑Road Product Group at Mercedes-Benz.

If you're dubious of this stunt by the German marque, Mercedes has announced that it will publish the behind the scenes footage of the stunt on its Youtube channel on March 8, 2019. It will also publish four Instagram stories that showcase the stunts four-stage process, so make sure that you follow the brand's social media channels.

Source: Mercedes | Mercedes via Youtube

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