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Our spy photographers are used to seeing top-secret, camouflage-wrapped prototype vehicles out on public roads. When the average citizen catches one going down the highway – especially if that person has more than a passing interest in cars – it can be an exciting experience. We don’t know how many people were in the car with this videographer when these BMW prototypes appeared, but it sure sounds like they’re all giddy over the sighting.

According to the video description from on YouTube, this encounter took place in Sweden and features a BMW M8 convertible with a BMW X5 M in tow. With the vertical video filling our screen with black borders we don’t get a particularly good look at either machine, at least not as good as we’ve already seen from our team of spy photographers. However, this video does give us something we haven’t seen before – the brutal acceleration that will befall the next X5 M.

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At the six-second mark the camera picks up the high-performance SUV in the side view mirror. We can see it’s moving forward, but not with extreme haste. A couple of seconds later the camouflaged X5 blasts past the window at a very impressive rate, and there’s absolutely no missing the howl of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 as it roars past. The camera car eventually catches up to the X5, but the driver doesn’t dip into the throttle any further.

We shouldn’t be too far away from seeing both the M8 and X5 M revealed. Our X5 spy catalog stretches back to 2017, and the racing version of the M8 has been out for some time now. We should absolutely see them both by the end of this year, if not significantly sooner. In fact, a reveal for at least one of these models next week at the Geneva Motor Show wouldn’t be a complete surprise.

Source: via YouTube

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