The Raptor's EcoBoost can be found in the top-spec F-150. Which truck is better?

Remember the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning? It was Ford's high-performance F-150 for the street, the granddaddy to the off-road-optimized Raptor. While we haven't had a Lightning since 2004, you can order something pretty similar from Ford, if you check the right boxes.

See, Ford sells the Raptor's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 in the range-topping F-150 Limited. If you happen to have the money, of course – the top-of-the-line F-150 starts at over $67,000, or $15,000 more than the Raptor.

Testing the truck's performance on a wintry Colorado day, The Fast Lane Truck demonstrates the Limited's sub-six-second 0-60 time, making it slightly quicker than the Raptor. That's probably owing, at least partially, to the Limited's smaller street tires and lower curb weight compared to the Raptor.

In addition to those massive off-road tires, the Raptor's suspension is also optimized for off-road performance. Of course, the same things that make the Raptor so great off-road can impede on-road performance. 

The F-150 Limited has quite a few features that simply aren't available on the Raptor. The new LED headlights look sharp, but the real news is inside. The luxurious interior has heated and cooled massaging seats, with plush materials used not just on the seats, but on the steering wheel, dashboard, and door panels as well. We may be getting old, but we appreciate the wood trim, too.

While the Raptor is an overall higher-performing machine, it's clear there are other members of the F-150 range that can go toe-to-toe in a straight line.

Source: The Fast Lane Truck on YouTube


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