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Do you suppose there’s still some incredible hype over the new Toyota Supra? It was teased for over a decade, finally unveiled last month in Detroit, and though the car hasn’t even hit dealerships yet, we’ve seen it rendered in all kinds of ways. However, this marks the first time we’ve seen the new sports car imagined as a mid-engine machine. And frankly, Rain Prisk on Facebook knocked it out of the park.


As you can see in the post, the artist says no other vehicles were used to create this render. That’s quite remarkable, because aside from the face this looks like a completely different car. In fact, we see shades of Ferrari and McLaren in there, not to mention a bit of mid-engined Corvette. It’s interesting how suitable the Supra’s existing body lines are to a mid-engined format – that is, once you rearrange just about every panel. We suspect creating a real-life Supra with the engine in the middle wouldn’t be quite so easy. Then again, given the quality of Rain Prisk’s renderings, creating this digital version probably wasn’t easy, either.

The fact that so many people are still talking about the Supra tells us there’s still all kinds of excitement for this newly unveiled sports car. It’s not without a bit of controversy either thanks to the BMW-sourced engine under the hood. A California-based company called CX Racing is already promoting a 2JZ engine-swap kit for the new car, though our experience with the existing 3.0-liter turbo six in a Supra prototype tells us this engine is plenty good on its own. We do understand the purist argument, though we’re waiting for a full-on production-spec test drive before passing further judgment.

Actually, a mid-engined Supra could be a great follow-up partnership opportunity with BMW. We’d love to see a new M1 on the streets.

Source: Rain Prisk via Facebook

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