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Carspotting is one of the most fun aspects of our hobby. Whether you're running errands, gazing out your office window, or just going for a nice stroll, you can participate, and best of all, it's free. Carspotting isn't a competition, and there are no points awarded for particularly good spots. If there was, though, this guy would be in the running to be the all-time champion of carspotting.

YouTuber Speedracer38 was enjoying a nice, relaxing Sunday evening in Greenwich, Connecticut when he stumbled across one of the most baffling street-parked exotics we've ever seen: a competition-spec Ferrari F40, complete with license plates and turn signals, parked on Greenwich Avenue.

Even to the kind of folks who spend a lot of time around Ferraris, an F40 GTE is not something you see every day...and here it is, just parked on the street like it belongs there. Wild. The owner, who, amazingly, has it registered in the state of New York, decided to strap into the F40's racing seat and take it to dinner, parking it in an angled parking spot downtown like it was a Camry. What a hero!

After his meal, he gets in and starts it up, much to delight of both Speedracer38 filming it and us watching and listening at home. He gives it a few revs as he backs up, feathering the heavy, competition-spec clutch on the rare Ferrari before taking off into the early dusk sky, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who was lucky enough to be there on that amazing night in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Source: Speedracer38 on YouTube

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