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If news of a new Ferrari is like Christmas, then today might as well be Christmas Eve. Ferrari's Facebook page shared a teaser video showing close-up detail shots of the car they plan on releasing tomorrow.


The video, clocking in at only seven seconds in length, is accompanied by a somewhat cryptic message from Ferrari: "Tomorrow, the Prancing Horse family welcomes a new member. Make room for new thrills."

Ferrari did a pretty good job of not giving away too much, but by freezing the video and examining each frame, we can infer a few things about their upcoming supercar. We pored over the details, and this is what we found.

We can say, with near certainty, that this car will be the long-awaited Ferrari 488 replacement. In this day and age, it's amazing that they were able to keep the details under wraps for so long, and avoid leaks so effectively. Information travels fast, and even the slightest hint would have been picked up and written about by now.

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Many of the details hint at an evolutionary 488 design. The current car, while great, is more than a bit tired, and due for a replacement. That fact is certainly no secret to anyone, let alone Ferrari fans.

Ferrari has, however, hinted that a hybrid sports car model is in the works, and we wonder if this is that car. In the video, we get a shot of the drive mode selector switch, which appears to have one more position than the 488 GTB (which has five). While the lettering on that sixth position is blurry, we wonder if it could be a full-electric power option.

Source: Ferrari on Facebook

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