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It's not just Americans who know how to build a mid-size, V8, rear-wheel-drive dragstrip terror. Earlier in this decade, the Germans threw their lederhosen into the the ring, most notably with the E92 BMW M3 and the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

BMW's 4.0 liter DOHC V8 is good for 414 naturally-aspirated horsepower, and is capable of quarter mile times in the low 12 second range. Mercedes-AMG's C63 came to bat with a massive 6.3 liter V8, good for over 450 horsepower depending on trim.

In this video, the pair line up as they have at dragstrips all over the world for years. Both cars appear to be modified, and the C63 appears to be an Edition 507 car, with – you guessed it – 507 horsepower. The Edition 507 was the swan song for AMG's normally-aspirated V8, giving way to a smaller V8 fed by forced induction for the follow-up model.

Surprisingly, with all that extra power and substantially more displacement, Car & Driver was only able to squeeze a 12.3 out of the Mercedes-AMG C63 Edition 507. In other words, these two cars should be pretty evenly matched. It'll be a good race.

Except, unfortunately, it isn't. Something happens at the start, and the BMW M3 just doesn't get a decent launch. After that, it seems like the driver just can not get their act together, and the car practically coasts to a disappointing 14 second ET with a decent 109 mile per hour trap speed. We hope they didn't break anything expensive.

The AMG, on the other hand, did exactly what it set out to do, running a 12.57 at 115.44 miles per hour. Now that's more like it!

Source: Wheels on YouTube

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