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Cadillac launches a new ad campaign focusing on its crossovers with the tagline "Rise Above." If you watched the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24, you might have seen the debut of the four commercials.

"In our newest brand campaign, 'Rise,' we have decided to allow the Cadillac name and our crest speak for themselves and continue to tell the story of our reinvention. And it begins with our growing SUV portfolio," Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl told Ad Age, as reported by Automotive News.

The longest ad of the bunch is the minute-long Rise Above (featured above). The spot shows people persevering in creative and physical pursuits while intercutting brief images of Caddy's SUVs. The commercial's message makes sense to air during the Oscars because it fits with the awards' theme of personal achievement. However, the theme might not work quite as well if the ad airs during normal programming.


The 30-second commercial Take the Stage focuses on the Escalade stars a performer getting ready to go on stage. The ad's editing mixes shots of the guy's snazzy, purple suit and images of the Cadillac's chiseled lines in an effort to connect the elements in the minds of viewers.


The ad Take Flight is also 30 seconds. It opens on a woman driving an XT5 through the desert, and a fighter jet suddenly appears to perform a low flyby. The loud plane distracts the driver, but the Caddy's driver assistance tech takes control and prevents the crossover from hitting a stationary trailer. Suddenly, a female pilot appears out of the desert and gets into the XT5. We also see that the woman driving the SUV is wearing a flight suit. 


The last ad is Make Your Escape, and it is the most lighthearted of the bunch. A woman drives an XT4 on a curvy road when a call comes in. She acts like the connection is breaking up, but the person on the other end knows that everything is fine. The driver's co-worker finally relents and lets the woman enjoy her drive.

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