Ford's quoted top speed for the Ford GT supercar is 216 miles per hour. Just how close can you get to that speed in the real world under normal conditions? Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds posted this video on their YouTube channel so that we could find out.

The proving grounds in question, at least what we can see from this video, appear to be an extra-long airport runway. On a gloomy, cloudy day, they tested a 2017 Ford GT to see what kind of numbers it can put down on a 2.7 mile straightaway.

From inside the car, we can see the Ford GT accelerate quickly to 180 miles per hour, at which point the speed builds much more slowly. If you've ever been in a car going this fast, you know that at speeds like this, the wind noise overpowers the engine noise. This is no exception, as the Ford GT's sonorous 647 horsepower, 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 gives way to brutal wind noise as the speedometer reads north of 200 MPH.

The car touches 210 miles per hour for just a moment before the driver shuts it down, gradually slowing until the end of the 2.7 mile runway. That's pretty impressive given that the car didn't have the support or special preparations Ford did when they made their top speed run.

The car was still slowly building speed right up until it was shut down, so there may have been another six miles per hour in it. Either way, we'd be happy if our production car came this close to the numbers the factory bragged about.

Source: Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds on YouTube

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