Anyone who has played Forza Horizon 4 knows just how pretty the McLaren Senna is. As hypercars go, it has the requisite spaceship-esque looks you'd expect with a curvaceous, character-filled shape that burns itself into your brain and stays there.

While we're used to seeing the Senna drive through the seasons on our TV screen, YouTube personality Supercar Blondie introduces us to a man who not only owns a real McLaren Senna, but also enjoys it in the comfort of his living room.

Nick, who lives in Houston, Texas, is the owner of a beautiful Balearic blue and orange McLaren Senna. He bought an older home with the intent of renovating it, and designed the house (and its driveway) to make it easier to pull cars in and display them. Now that's what we call dedication to your hobby. While the room is actually designed to accommodate two cars, we see just one in this video, the Senna.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the blue and orange Senna is painted in Gulf colors. Nick is a fan of that color scheme, owning a Ford GT in the iconic blue & orange color combo. McLaren wanted approval from Gulf to use the color, so instead, he used his second choice, the Balearic blue, with orange accents.

Of course, even with all of the arrangements made beforehand, fitting two cars in the house requires a little bit of finesse. One car must first pull into the kitchen and then be carefully backed into place before the second car is moved in.

Nick says that having a car (or two) in his living room was a dream since childhood. Growing up in Iraq, he had an uncle that would park his Vauxhall inside his house, right behind the couch. He'd get home from work, open his car door, and plop himself down on the couch to relax. Now, Nick is living the same dream as his uncle.

Source: Supercar Blondie on YouTube

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