The 2-day test, conducted under sunny skies, went smoothly with NISMO's regular drivers, Satoshi Motoyama, Michael Krumm and Tsugio Matsuda, behind the wheel.

Shakedown in Suzuka

About a week and a half ago we brought you the good news that the Nissan GT-R will be making a motorsport comeback at the Super GT but had no images to show you. The Nissan GT-R GT500 has finished some preliminary tests and the first images have been released.

The all new Nissan GT-R GT500 class race car has last week taken its first official outting on the Suzuka Circuit. The tests took two days and were supervised by NISMO (Nissan Motorsports International) while the regular NISMO drivers did the actual high speed testing. The track car should be ready for the 2008 competition start.

Yoshitaka Iijima, NISMO team director for SUPER GT promised to do his best to win the title and said: "The test went well without any problems. We are aware of the NISSAN GT-R popularity and racing heritage.” The Nissan GT-R returns to the Super GT after being absent for four years.

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