Jenson Button has dreamed up a new victory salute, after growing weary of last year's "crooked finger".

McLaren's Button, who beat reigning double champion Vettel to victory last week in Melbourne, admitted last year that the German's winning salute had started to grate his nerves.

"He keeps doing that," Button grimaced a year ago, demonstrating Vettel's awkward index-finger salute that always followed the Red Bull driver's latest pole or victory.

"It would be alright if it was straight."

At one point, just after yet another Vettel pole, the young German saluted the ranks of photographers with his finger, and Button jokingly attempted to bite it off.

So, after winning in Albert Park ahead of Vettel in the 2012 opener last weekend, Button unfurled a new salute.

Asked if Vettel will now get sick of the two-handed 'W for winner' gesture, Button smiled: "Hopefully he will.

"I actually did the 'W' with a water bottle in my hand, which didn't really work very well," said the Briton.

"I'm sure we will sometimes see the crooked finger but hopefully not very often this year."

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