Following initial images released a few weeks ago, DMC has released pricing and details for its new styling package, dubbed LP900 Molto Veloce, for the Lamborghini Aventador.

The German tuner specializing in Italian sports cars has given a mind numbing price of 125,000 euros (~$165,000) for their complete Aventator tuning package. However, broken down into their separate kits the pricing may seem a bit more palatable for some.

"The Molto Veloce aims at Aventador owners that seek to add a little more exclusivity to their LP700," says Thorsten Grebers, Marketing Manager at DMC Germany. "The LP900 engine upgrade clearly targets speed enthusiasts."

The least expensive kits are the new interior which costs 17,700 euros and the ADV1 wheel package which starts at EUR 7.800.

Next is the body kit which costs 19,500 euros and consists of a front fascia, lower lip spoiler and splitter, side skirts, rear wing spoiler and rear fascia with diffuser. All components are made of carbon fiber.

The meat and potatos are found under the hood, accounting for a head banging 80,000 euros. DMC has given the 6.5-liter V12 a complete valvetrain rebuild with 12 unique single intake throttle plates, new fuel pump and lines as well as pressure modulators and new injector nozzles. Also, the optimized engine electronics in addition to an electronic load pressure control system and a completely new wiring system has allowed DMC to rebrand the vehicle as the LP900 suggesting power output is now 900 HP (887 bhp / 662 kW) compared to its standard 700 PS (690 bhp / 515 kW).

DMC recommends clients fly their LP700 to the company's workshop in Germany or Switzerland for the engine modifications, but body components can be installed by one of DMC's global dealers.

All items are ready for order now.

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