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Lately, we've been sharing a lot of content from Dutch YouTube mechanic, Master Milo. Despite the obvious language barrier, we find ourselves utterly transfixed by each video, with each idea crazier than the last. He's like a mad scientist with a garage, an angle grinder, and a welder.

This time, it looks like Milo is in the mood to relax, so he decides to build a motorized hammock. He starts off by chopping the roof off of a Suzuki Alto hatchback. Unsurprisingly, this has disastrous effects on the structural integrity of the poor little Suzuki, so the doors are welded shut.

Then, Milo cuts some long steel tubes to suspend the hammock a few feet over the floor pan of the car, above where the roof originally was. The hammock was installed so that the steering and parking brake brake linkage could be mocked up, but welding the assembly into place resulted in disaster when the hammock ignited and burned. A new hammock was procured, nearly doubling the budget for the project.

With the new hammock mounted and the linkage situation more or less figured out, the car was loaded on to a trailer. While there was no way for Milo to use the accelerator, the car's natural tendency to roll forward when placed in gear (by a friendly helper at ground level) would be sufficient to keep the car moving at an acceptable pace – and slow enough to stop it. Remember, this is all about relaxation.

Once underway, I'm sure that relaxation turned to stress pretty quickly, as the slightest steering input has a tendency to cause the hammock to swing violently back and forth. Regardless of whether it's relaxing or not, Milo appears to be having the time of his life with his creation.

Source: mastermilo82 on YouTube

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