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The last couple months we’ve seen plenty of cool renderings and a few brief sightings of the mid-engined Corvette out and about, but today our spy photographer was in the right place at the right time. Specifically, the place was southeast Michigan not far from GM’s Milford Proving Grounds, and the camera didn’t stop until upwards of 40 shots were nabbed.

These photos do provide some interesting details we haven’t seen before, at least up close. We can peer through the coverings hiding the front and rear lights to see outlines of the design, notably at the front where we see what appears to be a multi-matrix LED setup with a white accent strip at the top that doubles as an orange turn signal. Looking at the back, the LED units appear to be production-spec with a strong resemblance to the current Corvette model.

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Sticking to the C8’s backside, these photos give us an outstanding look at the batwing spoiler. It looks more aggressive than what we’ve seen on previous prototypes – could this wing feature some of the active aero components recently uncovered in a patent app by the folks over at For the record, we’ve also seen C8 test vehicles with a very thin spoiler so either Chevrolet is trying out different designs, or different trim levels are out on public roads. We’d bet a gazillion dollars it’s the latter.

Otherwise, this camo-wrapped Corvette is still hiding quite a bit. The lower rear fascia on this car looks a bit rough around the edges, and we’d expect a production-spec component incorporating a diffuser of some kind. A close-up look at the front fascia shows large intakes at the corners like we’ve seen on previous test vehicles, though we’re suspicious that there could be some minor changes in the middle as compared to earlier test cars. The body lines on the hood are clearly defined, but what’s up with that bump on the hood in the driver’s line-of-sight? We presume it’s some kind of testing device.

Perhaps the most important question of all – when will the covers and camo wrap finally come off? We’re hearing new grumblings that it may not happen until late this year, or possibly early next year. That contrasts with other rumors we’ve heard about the car debuting in a couple months at the New York Auto Show, which we believe was Chevrolet’s original intention. However, with the reported electrical issues there is good reason to doubt a New York premiere, though a stand-alone event in the spring or summer still isn’t out of the question.

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