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Consumer Reports announced its top-10 picks for 2019, and to no real surprise, the list is dominated by Japanese models. Six of the vehicles hail from the Far East, and in fact, four of them are from Toyota. Subaru makes the cut as well with a couple winners, while Audi, BMW, Hyundai, and Ford round out the offerings.

This year, Consumer Reports upped the ante for its cream-of-the-crop picks. Safety, reliability, satisfaction, economy, and performance are all factors in the final outcome, but for 2019 Consumer Reports made automatic emergency braking systems a mandatory requirement for any vehicle to even be considered. Not only that, the feature must be included as standard equipment. As such, the bar for automakers to reach was much higher than in previous years, which can explain why Toyota had such a dominating presence in the face of other choices.

“Even the least-expensive car on this list has AEB standard,” said Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ senior director of auto testing. “It’s time all new cars had it.”

With that in mind, SUVs and cars for a range of size and luxury classifications were chosen, as well as winners for hybrid/electric and full-size pickup trucks. As previously mentioned, Toyota garnered an armful of awards with the Yaris (best subcompact car), Avalon Hybrid (best large car), Prius (best hybrid/electric car), and the Camry Hybrid (best midsized car).

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Subaru captured two awards, with the Ascent taking top honors for midsized SUV and its baby brother – the Forester – winning accolades as the best compact SUV. The new Hyundai Kona won the day for best subcompact SUV, while the BMW X5 was crowned the best luxury SUV. BMW couldn’t top Audi for best compact luxury car, however, which went to the A4. Finally, Ford was crowned a top pick in the full-size pickup category with the F-150.

Technology certainly played a role in all of these choices, but it certainly wasn’t the only factor. Jump over to the list at Consumer Reports for the full story behind all the 2019 picks.

Source: Consumer Reports

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