A most extreme off-roader for the most extreme off-road race: King of the Hammers.

Donut Media has their share of great videos, typically covering Japanese import sports cars of note and breaking down the relevant information to make it easy for newbies to digest. A crash course in tuner cars, if you will.

This video is different. This time, they're in the desert with a tough-looking off-roader, powered by a GM LS7 V8 making 800 horsepower. It's a different kind of vehicle, for a different kind of race: the King of the Hammers.

The King of the Hammers isn't your every day off-road race. It combines desert racing and rock crawling to make for the most grueling racing anywhere in the world. Since starting in 2012, it's quickly gained a reputation for being the ultimate test of vehicular fortitude.

Nothing about this vehicle is based on a production vehicle. It's 100% custom, from the beefy chromoly steel tube frame to the array of LED lights, and even that built LS7, which is vastly different than the one you'd see in a Corvette. The suspension is built for maximum travel to help this beast scramble over rocks as quickly and efficiently as possible, hopefully without breaking anything. Massive 40" off-road tires reside at each corner, mounted to extra-wide beadlock wheels.

Understandably, these races take place in some pretty desolate areas. Each one of these off-road racers is also equipped with hydration and cooling systems for the driver, as well as an integrated fire suppression system, augmented by a pair of fire extinguishers – one inside, one outside. The rulebook for this racing class, known officially as Ultra 4, states that racers must carry survival supplies such as food, water, and medical necessities. Should the unexpected happen, drivers must have at least 24 hours' worth of these supplies on-board. Now that's hardcore.

Source: Donut Media on YouTube