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Rock chips stink. Cars are meant to be driven and used, but there's a price to pay. Your car's beautiful face getting marred by rocks and other debris is no fun at all. What's the solution? Paint protection film.

Topaz, a high-end auto detailing outfit hailing from London, has released this beautifully-produced video, showing the paint protection process in painstaking detail. They're not protecting just any car, either: it's a one of sixteen Koenigsegg One:1.

What makes this Koenigsegg even more unique is the paint – a matte-finish bright blue. Given that every paint protection film we've ever seen has been glossy, we were intrigued to see what Topaz had in store. It turns out, Topaz has special "stealth" film that will not appear more reflective than the underlying paint. Once applied, it appears nearly invisible.

Just any any surface treatment, preparation is everything. A simple car wash won't do – a full detail is required. The car is sprayed with a non-acid solution to remove not only dirt and grime, but any prior surface treatments such as wax. Horsehair brushes are used on the trim parts to ensure a perfectly clean surface on every square inch of the car.

This is followed by a more traditional car wash, with foam and high-pressure warm water washing away the dirt before the car is gently scrubbed with a wash mitt. After rinsing, the car is patted dry to prevent tiny scratches from a drying towel.

The paint protection film is laser cut from a template prior to installation, insuring that razor blades are never anywhere near the car's surface at any time. Once the film is in place, it is partially lifted to apply an adhesive activating agent with a spray bottle. Small rubber squeegees are used to remove wrinkles and ensure a perfect, invisible application. The result is a car that looks the same – but can now be enjoyed stress-free.

Source: Topaz on YouTube

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