According to a recent report, a decision on Lotus' future will be announced within a few weeks.

Ever since DRB-Hicom announced plans to buy a majority stake in Proton, Lotus' future has remained in doubt. Now, a new report is indicating a decision on whether to keep or sell Lotus is coming soon.

Speaking with the Financial Times Deutschland, a senior Lotus manager revealed a decision will be made "within a few weeks." While nothing is official, speculation suggests DRB-Hicom isn't too fond of Lotus' balance sheet.  However, the company's managing director, Mohd Jamil Khamil, recently said "We have to wait and see if the Lotus restructuring plan launched in 2010 bears fruit."

Regardless of the outcome, Lotus' operations have been slowed down as part of a Malaysian law which entails a 60 to 90 day change-of-ownership process. This has put the brakes on the development of the company's upcoming models.