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The Mercedes-AMG One is a stunning hypercar that's set to bring F1 technology to the road. With a 1.6-liter V6 and three electric motors powering up the car, its owners are assured of a momentous driving experience every time they spend time behind the steering wheel. And of course, what accessory is best suited to enhance that driving experience than a pair of driving gloves – and Mercedes-AMG sure knows how to make it the most exclusive for the AMG One's future owners.

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In the video above, you could see that one of the future AMG One owners was sent with a box with a template for hand imprint. The instruction is to imprint the owner's hand onto it so AMG could make the perfect pair of gloves. Now that's exclusivity to the $2.7-million hypercar.

And oh, it was also mentioned in the video that the AMG One's reservation is 500,000 euros or roughly $565,000 at the current exchange rates. That's just the deposit, mind you.

As detailed in a past video, the AMG One is set to rule the road with its F1-derived hybrid powertrain setup, along with its aerodynamic-obsessed and weight-obsessed bodywork. Even the three-pointed star emblem up front will be air-brushed onto the car to lessen wind resistance. While that sounds bonkers, the center spine of the 1,000+ horsepower hypercar optimizes the airflow before it even hits the rear wing, increasing the efficiency.

While the world is waiting, and the 275 people who have paid for their build slots, the AMG One production car isn't set to roll off the assembly line until mid-2020. This is because Mercedes-AMG is facing a roadblock in taming the F1-derived engine. That can be a bummer for everyone, but the world could really wait for this amazing hypercar to hit the road.

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