Should the premium sedan from DS look like this?

PSA's DS brand aims to take the Peugeot-Citroën conglomerate into more premium territory, and the brand's next addition could be a classy sedan wearing the DS 8 moniker. This rendering imagines what the flashy four-door might look like to join the current lineup consisting of the DS 3 hatchback, DS 3 Crossback crossover, and larger DS 7 Crossback. 

Illustration DS 8
Illustration DS 8
Illustration DS 8

For this render, our artist uses the DS3 Crossback as the primary inspiration for this sedan's front end. A large hexagonal grille dominates the center of the four-door's face. The headlights have an odd shape that has sharp edges towards the center of the vehicle but is smoother at the corners. LED light strips cascade down to the front fascia. There's a heavily contoured hood with raised creases at the edges that flow into the A-pillars. While our render only shows the model from one angle, it imagines a smoothly arching roof that transitions to a similarly shaped rear deck.

The hybrid powertrain from the DS 7 Crossback E-Tense seems perfect for the DS 8. The crossover uses a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder producing 197 horsepower and two electric motors for a total system output of 296 horsepower (221 kilowatts) and 332 pound-feet (450 Newton-meters). The electrified setup should provide a combination of smoothness and power that a luxury vehicle buyers might like.

DS aims to expand considerably in the coming years through a product plan that would add a new model every year through 2025. A range-topping sedan like the DS 8 is reportedly among them, although there are no details yet about when the four-door might arrive.

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