Yue Xian De won $270,000 for designing Geely's new logo. But is it a new logo, or simply a video game character on a hunk of metal?

Congratulations go out to Yue Xian De, the recently announced winner of Geely's logo design contest.  For creating the winning submission, Yue receives a Gold Medal, and two million Chinese Yuan (just shy of $270,000).

Yue beat out over 27,000 other submitters and earned the giant check, given to him in a presentation at the Beijing Geely University.  While the logo should look a little better on a grill, hood, or trunk than the weird, mountainous, upside-down-Skoda-badge logo, we thnk it looks a bit too much like Coily from Q*bert.

One reader at China Car Times referred to it as being more like a piece of "chromed dog poo."

Regardless, good luck to you, Yue!

New Geely Logo Unveiled