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Through all of Lincoln's ups and downs over these last two decades, the Navigator has remained a constant bright spot in the lineup. With the rest of their lineup finally sorted out and squared away, we're glad to see that same attention lavished upon their evergreen full-size SUV offering.

The Navigator, now on its fourth generation, has wowed the automotive press and buyers alike since its 2018 release. However, even with something as great as the Navigator, there's always room for improvement. Just ask Texas tuner Hennessey Performance – that's been their modus operandi for nearly 30 years.

Hennessey may be more well-known for tuning performance cars like Dodge Vipers, or for the awesome Hennessey Venom GT. What they've learned tuning those cars can easily be applied to making luxurious people-movers like the Lincoln Navigator faster, too.

The Navigator, powered by Ford's excellent 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6, is ripe with potential. Tuners have been generating incredible horsepower numbers with that engine for several years now.

Hennessey offers the HPE600 package, which bumps horsepower from a respectable 450 to a downright impressive 600. Naturally, the Hennessey crew decided to line up an HPE600 Navigator with a stock one to see just how much of a difference all of their hard work made.

It turns out, it's considerably more than a difference of degrees. Boosting horsepower by one third is a dramatic improvement in performance, and as soon as the two SUVs take off, that is readily apparent.

Almost immediately, the HPE600 Navigator pulls a car length on its stock counterpart. From there, the gap widens considerably. By the end of the runway, the difference is roughly equivalent to two school buses. It's almost like watching a drag race between two completely different trucks. In a way, they are.

Source: Hennessey Performance on YouTube

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