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How’s your week starting off? Pretty good? Kind of rotten? We’re almost certain you’re off to a better start than this guy. YouTuber Alex Gray brings us along with him as he picks up his E60 BMW M5 from the shop after having a paint correction performed – only to wreck the car just ten minutes later.

In the beginning of his vlog, we see his M5 looking probably the best it’s looked since it was new over a decade ago. The blue paint sparkles with unmatched depth and clarity, smooth and glowing like a vast pool you just want to dive right into.

We’ll wager that there’s not a soul alive who would argue that the E60 M5 is better looking than the E39 M5 that preceded it. However, the S85 V10 under the hood of the newer car did the impossible, outshining the brilliant S62 V8 in the E39 M5. Gray’s personalized license plate says it all – “V10 FTW.”

Unfortunately, the highs and lows in life are, sometimes, inextricably connected, and they can come fast. Just ten minutes after leaving the shop with his M5, Gray says that he hit a bump in the wet road, causing him to lose control of his M5 and slide off the road, hitting a mailbox in the process.

The resulting collision did a tremendous amount of, thankfully, non-mechanical damage to the car. The front bumper and windshield will need replacing, while the right rear door, quarter panel, and rocker panel took the brunt of the damage.

All in all, Alex Gray did a whopping $4,000 worth of damage to his beloved BMW, and what's more, he opted not to carry collision coverage – this is all on him. We hope his week gets better, and we hope that yours does, too.

Source: Alex Gray on YouTube

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