Ahead of LA Show debut

Ford has been using movies to promote their cars for a long time now, and on the odd occasion Ford made it into a classic movie. 40 years ago Steve McQueen wrote history with an insane 7-minute car chase which was to set new standards in the business, in order to commemorate that achievement Ford is building 7,700 2008 Mustang Bullitt's. The new Bullitt features the latest FRT (Ford Racing Technology) gadgetry while sporting the original colour scheme and exhaust sound.

The new 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt Limited Edition comes with an FRT fine-tuned 4.6 liter V8 delivering 315 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque, a modified chassis and suspension. And while the Bullitt is based on the Mustang GT, pretty much every feature has been adjusted for this limited edition. New shocks, struts, brakes have been added and maybe most interstingly a new open-element air filter, derived from Ford Racing and a first in a production Ford, drops ambient temperature from 50 degrees down to 17 degrees Fahrenheit allowing more horsepower and torque from the engine. Combine this with the unique live rear axle 3.73:1 gear to launch/fire the new Bullitt.

Of course the colour of the car will remain true to the original, Dark Highland Green. Surprisingly the Bullitt will also be available in black, which, in my humble opinion, defeats the purpose of this particular limited edition. Ford engineers have also managed to make the new Bullitt sound like the original Bullitt, a nice feature which will make plenty of hearts skip a few beats. The exhaust system features a dual-exhaust system with a new H-pipe specifically developed for Bullitt with 3.5 inch chrome tips. The new Bullitt rides on 18 inch cast-aluminum Euroflange wheels especially made for the Bullitt and has Dark Argent Gray spokes with a satin finish.

Also true to the original Bullitt is the total lack of badging on the car, including (or rather excluding) spoilers, scoops and even the iconic pony in the grill. The only badge you will find is on the gas-cap. The interior is rather minimalistic aswell featuring black leather upholstery with a hand-machined, aluminum swirl dash panel appliqué as the centre piece. “The 2008 Mustang Bullitt, like the movie car, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” said Doug Gaffka, chief designer.

The Bullitt will be in dealerships early next year and has an MSRP of USD 31,075.

Edit: Interesting detail is that the attached 'action' shots are taken in similar stances (and same locations) as the original.

Ford Mustang Bullitt Officially Revealed