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Is there a better way to start the week than watching Hellcat-powered Dodge and Jeep monsters drag racing? PIloting any of these vehicles featured in the above clip from High Tech Corvette on YouTube would certainly be an improvement, but since we can’t all drive modern muscle machines with over 700 horsepower at a drag strip all the time, the video will have to suffice. And yes, the irony of a Covette-titled YouTube channel posting Dodge clips isn’t lost on us. But we digress.

It’s always fun watching a Dodge Challenger Demon racing at a drag strip, but this clip is special because it features a killer side-by-side run with the new Challenger Redeye. We’ve seen plenty of Demons running the quarter-mile, but this is the first time we’ve seen a Redeye at the track. With 797 horsepower, it’s nearly as powerful as the Demon without its computer retune and race gas. It also doesn’t have the same suspension setup that lets the Demon launch like a scalded ballistic missile.

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Still, the Redeye is no slouch in a straight line. When Dodge pulled the covers off this car last year, the automaker said it could hit 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and rip a 10.8-second quarter-mile time. It's very fast, but on paper the Redeye shouldn’t stand a chance against the Demon. But, as we (and many) people have noticed since Demon videos started appearing online, few of these dedicated street-legal drag cars are breaking through the 10-second barrier in stock trim. In other words, this should be quite a matchup.

And it is. The Demon-versus-Redeye race is the last one featured in the video, but before jumping into the action it’s worth noting the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that also came out to play. We don’t know if the Hellcat-powered SUV had any modifications – for that matter we don’t know if the Challengers were stock or modded either – but running mid-11-second passes in a beefy Jeep is awesome no matter how you slice it. Additionaly, we also see the purple Redeye make a solo run to the tune of 10.44 at 129 mph. That’s considerably quicker than what Dodge advertised.

In other words, the final battle between the Demon and Redeye is indeed a close one. The only spoiler we’ll mention is that the Redeye driver launches a bit early and gets the red light, so the Demon automatically wins on a technicality. Regardless of that, we think you’ll be very surprised at just how close these two cars are when the speeds and times go up on the board.

Source: High Tech Corvette via YouTube

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