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The current generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser dates back to the 2008 model year, making it practically ancient by the standards of the highly competitive SUV segment, but a new model is reportedly finally on the way. Japan's Best Car claims the updated SUV debuts in fall 2020, but the report indicates that a concept could preview the new shape at the Tokyo Motor Show in late October. 

Gallery: 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition

The new Land Cruiser will ride on an updated steel ladder frame. Under the hood, a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 will replace the current 5.7-liter V8. The engine will hook up to a 10-speed automatic instead of the current 8-speed gearbox. A hybrid model might be available, too.

The Land Cruiser will come with the latest version of the Toyota Safety Sense driver assistance technology. It'll include nighttime pedestrian detection and accident avoidance that can steer away from a collision if the driver doesn't react in time.

The new generation of the Land Cruiser also means that an updated Lexus LX is on the way. However, details about it are less clear. The designers will make a real effort to differentiate the styling of the two models, and expect nicer materials in the cabin. Best Car claims that Toyota is developing the two vehicles simultaneously, which suggests there shouldn't be a long wait between their debuts.

If you're shopping for a Land Cruiser in the meantime, then check out the newly introduced Heritage Edition (gallery above). The special model takes the SUV and loads it with attractive touches like bronze 18-inch BBS wheels, black trim, a roof basket. The interior has black leather upholstery with bronze trim. Toyota is only offering 1,200 of them in the United States.

Source: Best Car via Lexus Enthusiast

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