For most people, owning a bag, especially those branded signature types, is an added task in life. With the amount of money you had to pay for a bag made from good quality cowhide, it's perfectly understandable. You have to take care of it, shield it from the sun, dirt, coffee spills, or even tire burnouts. Especially tire burnouts.

Mercedes-Benz, on the other hand, had a different idea in mind. In collaboration with Destroy vs. Beauty, the German automaker purposedly ran over pieces of fabric, which will then be used in making bags. Guess you could call that reverse engineering? 

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG: Destroy vs Beauty Burnout Bags

As odd as it sounds, the mentioned bags are a reality and actually for sale. The collection is aptly called the BurnOut Collection – a concept that was spearheaded by Destroy vs. Beauty, a company from Germany that specializes in making bags and these weird things.

According to Destroy vs. Beauty's website, the bagmaker took "more than two years to develop the tear proofed material, which takes the tire print of a high-performance sports car without being disrupt(ed)." The result is the BurnOut collection. Don't worry, it would take some time to sink in but it will grow on you.

Mercedes-Benz AMG, of course, decided to join the fun and delegated its AMG GT-R to leave tire marks onto the pieces of fabric, resulting in the Destroy vs. Beauty: Mercedes-AMG Collection.

From laptop bags to totes, there's an available bag for your specific need. They even have a wallet and a weekender, which is the biggest bag to carry the authentic tire marks. Price starts at 179 euros ($203) for men's wallet, while the most expensive comes in at 679 euros ($770) for the weekender.

Watch the video on top of this page to see the whole process of imprinting the tire marks on the fabric material. Bags with tire marks from the AMG C 63 S are also available if the AMG GT R isn't your cup of tea.

Source: Mercedes-AMG via Youtube | Destroy vs. Beauty

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