He stays cold to help others stay warm.

Winter can sometimes bring out the crazy in people, and if we’re honest, convertible fans can be the craziest automotive gearheads of the bunch. We can say that because certain Motor1.com editors (possibly the one writing this article) have been known to take snowy top-down drives in the dead of winter. It’s like relaxing in an outdoor hot tub nestled in the Alps, only without the water and swimsuits and the glamor that comes with a jet-set lifestyle. Maybe not exactly like that, but close.

The gentleman featured above might agree. This ViralHog video went up at the end of January, just as the big snowstorm and subsequent deep freeze hit the Great Lake State of Michigan. We should take this moment to tell you there’s some strong language in the video, because clearly the videographer is taking some joy in spotting the roofless Honda S2000 skirting the roadways near Detroit. That’s the “D” mentioned over and over in the clip, but what the video doesn’t talk about is the charity work this brave (and presumably, very cold) enthusiast is performing.


First of all, let’s give this guy a round of applause for daily driving a Honda S2000 through all weather conditions. According to the Facebook page embedded above, this unnamed individual straight-up likes leaving the top down all the time. However, in recent years he’s starting using some of his internet fame to raise money for The Heat and Warmth Fund – also known as THAW. Since people tend to notice a guy driving a roofless convertible during a snowstorm, he got some signage made up to raise awareness for the fund, and he encourages people to donate when they see him. That deserves a second round of applause right there.

THAW is a Detroit-based non-profit organization that raises money to help families in Michigan struggling to pay their heating bills. Such things might be taken-for-granted by many, but when a polar vortex plunges temperatures to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, choosing between food or heat can become a life-or-death decision. That’s a choice nobody should have to make.

Here's hoping his efforts continue to grab headlines for this charity. We're happy to help spread the word.

Source: ViralHog via YouTube, Freeze for THAW via Facebook

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