Independent contract manufacturer of specialty automobiles, Valmet Automotive, was busy at the Geneva Motor Show this week. After announcing its agreement to build the Marussia B2, Valmet of Finland also revealed the unique looking Dawn EV concept demonstrator.

When they say "demonstrator" it usually means the vehicle is only conceptual in its functions and not fully operational. Valmet characterizes the Dawn demonstrator as a showcase for their EV component development and ideas.

Few details were released, but we can see that the dramatic plain white body is only intended to grab your initial attention. Looking closer, its core technologies are highlighted as they appear exposed on the body surface. Such components include the battery pack, power electronics control module, and electric motor which is raised so visitors can get a good look.

The Dawn EV has a universal outlet plug for charging but also features a wireless induction charging system highlighted at the front of the vehicle. This technology is still in development.

Valmet Dawn EV concept revealed in Geneva