Hot hatchback fans in the United States won’t get to savor the hotness of the entry-level AMG model, at least in hatchback form. The Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan will hit these shores, but for now, those of us in America must live vicariously through videos like this one, courtesy of Automann-TV on YouTube.

It’s just a short clip of the A35 hatchback in action from a driver’s perspective, but it gives us a taste of the fun factor built into the A-Class. Having AMG-tuned suspension gear certainly helps, as does the 302-horsepower (225-kilowatt) turbocharged 2.0-liter four-pot turning all four wheels. Mercedes officially pegs the A35’s sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) at 4.7 seconds; we aren’t treated to a flat-out acceleration run here, at least not in a straight line anyway.

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG A35 Unofficial Hill Climb

This video is billed as a hill climb, though it’s obviously not an official, timed event. Nor do we know the location of the road, but it has more hairpins than a going-out-of-business sale at the local salon. The Merc barely manages to break 60 mph on the climb, and though the hill itself doesn’t seem too extreme, the number on the lower left ultimately indicates this was a 247-meter (810-foot) ascent all total. During the run we’re treated to an awesome driver's eye view of the action and what can we say? We’re eager to do some hill climbing of our own now.

We’re also able to see the A35’s seven-speed dual clutch gearbox in action. We can’t tell if the driver is flicking the paddles for the entire run, but it sure seems like the transmission swaps cogs on its own at least some of the time. The Merc’s various driving modes can affect how the gearbox operates, and it seems to downshift on its own in a very intuitive manner.

Watching this video makes us more anxious than ever to sample the sedan version of the little AMG missile.

Source:  Automann-TV via YouTube

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