With Porsche introducing the 992-gen 911 in Carrera S and 4S flavors, we’re now slowly but surely turning our attention towards hotter derivatives of the Zuffenhausen machine. One of them will undoubtedly be the GT3 and its hardcore GT3 RS sibling, with a prototype caught in the evening in Stuttgart, Germany signaling testing is in an advanced phase for the naturally aspirated sports car. It’s too early to tell which of the two GT3 versions we’re looking at, but it would make more sense for this to be the non-RS since it will come out first.

Gallery: New Porsche 911 GT3 Spy Photos

Attached above is our most recent batch of spy shots with the new GT3

Since the video was shot most likely by a smartphone’s camera in the late hours when visibility was low, the quality is not exactly great. With the cars in motion, you might end up with a headache after watching this video since image stabilization is far from being ideal. Nevertheless, it’s a good opportunity to see Porsche at work testing a prototype of a GT3 flavor – as denoted by the big wing at the back and the placement of the dual exhaust tips.

It was only about a week ago when Porsche confirmed plans to stick to a naturally aspirated engine for the 911 GT3 RS, and things shouldn’t be any different with the non-RS model. The top-of-the-range variant will get a minor engine displacement bump, but it will still continue to be labeled as a 4.0-liter unit since the increase will be small. A few extra horses are expected, and will be channeled to the road through a seven-speed PDK rather than the eight-speed auto implemented in the new Carrera S / 4S.

The new 911 GT3 will probably debut at some point in 2020. Meanwhile, the base Carrera models are expected to arrive in 2019, with the Turbo and GTS rumored to be unveiled in the latter half of the year.

Video: DrGumoLunatic / YouTube

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