Alfa Romeo cars are often regarded as one of the most beautiful cars ever made. In fact, The Grand Tour trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May continuously praise Alfa Romero cars for their beauty and driving characteristics. While the old adage "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" holds true for most things, Alfa Romeo cars could transcend tastes.

But what if the Italian carmaker decides to make semi-trailer trucks? Fortunately, Taekang Lee made a rendering to satisfy our imagination. Take a look at the Korean designer's works below.

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Truck Rendering

Lee has managed to incorporate Alfa Romeo's design language into the semi, with the unique Scudetto grille shape seen up front outlining the front cabin. Sultry curves that flow from the grille then onto the mid-cabin is a nod to the Italian marque's styling, along with the sharp yet alluring daytime running lights that highlight the front end. We can safely say that this is indeed a beautiful truck and I'm pretty sure you'll agree.

Of course, it will come in red; we couldn't think of any other color that would fit an Alfa Romeo semi except for red. With this color scheme, Coca-Cola could really use these Italian trucks if ever this design would make it to production. Watch out, Tesla Semi.

To set things straight, Alfa Romeo has transcended into making commercial vehicles since the 1930s, particularly LCVs, trucks, buses, and trolleybuses. However, if ever this rendering could turn into reality, this would be the first time that the Italian carmaker would make a semi.

Just in case someone from Alfa Romeo is reading this, please make this a reality. It might be the only time we would happily say that we want a semi in our garage.

Source: Behance | Taekang Lee

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