Watch a McLaren 720S slide under a semi-truck, and Dwayne Johnson drift an eight-wheeled truck.

The trailer for the Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw is here, and it looks absolutely bonkers. This franchise never had a strong hold on being grounded in reality, but the movies never before cribbed this much from superhero movies.

As the title makes incredibly clear, the movie stars Dwayne Johnson as federal agent Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham as mercenary Deckard Shaw. While often on different sides of the law, the pair team up to catch a bad guy named Brixton (played by Idris Elba) who somehow intends to destroy the world.

This is where things get weird. Brixton isn't just a normal villain. The movie's official synopsis describes him as a "cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist." The trailer shows him going through a process that appears to combine Captain America getting the Super Soldier Serum and Wolverine receiving his Adamantium skeleton. The result is basically the same, too, because Brixton is bullet-proof and has superhuman strength. One scene even has him running down the side of a building.

Being a Fast & Furious spinoff, there's plenty of automotive action, too. In one scene, a Hobbs, Shaw, and a female agent speed through London in a McLaren 720S while running from baddies on motorcycles. In another scene, Hobbs drives an 8-wheeled, armored truck through an industrial wasteland while a bunch of modified SUVs chases him. There are apparently some dune buggy stunts, too.

Hobbs & Shaw seems to temper the action with some comedy. For example, Brixton initially introduces himself simply as "Bad Guy." Another snippet has Hobbs mocking the trope of villains explaining their plan only for Brixton to give him an electric shock.

The film premieres in the U.S. on August 2. 

Source: Fast & Furious via YouTube

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