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If you haven’t figured it out by now, a good portion of the editorial team are total nerds. It’s okay, we totally own it, and we’re going to prove it right now by gushing over this 3D puzzle of a Porsche 911. Come on, people – how could any car enthusiast not get a kick out of this cool puzzle?

The company behind the puzzle is German-based Ravensburger, which is certainly appropriate considering the subject of this creation. This isn’t just any old Porsche either – it’s a 911 R that’s faithfully recreated right down to the dual stripes and vents on the front fascia. There are 108 interlocking pieces all total, and as you can see they aren’t straight-cut. The pieces are molded to accurately portray the 911 R, even going so far as to include hinged pieces to form proper angles. The pieces are numbered on the back to help with assembly, and when it’s all done you have a 1:18 scale Porsche.

Gallery: Ravensburger Porsche 911 R Puzzle

Obviously not all the pieces are of the standard plug-in variety. The puzzle comes with wheels and an inner tub that the body sits upon. There are also mirrors and headlights to complete the exterior look, and yes, the wheels turn. Honestly, we’ve never built a puzzle that you can actually play with. Not that we play with toy cars. Okay, maybe a little.

Ravensburger is a family operation that’s been around since 1883. We browsed the company’s web site and found all kinds of cool puzzles, but for obvious reasons our eye keeps coming back to the 911. It’s quite affordable too, with a few puzzles available on Amazon for $28.99. Usually, when supercar themed items like this pop up they surpass the $100 mark.

$30 bucks for a 1:18 scale Porsche puzzle that we can put together actually sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon. We’ll take two, please.


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3D Porsche 911 R

Puzzle fun in 3D

Anyone who has a soft spot for the coveted Porsche 911 R will hardl be able to escape this iconic 3D object: The legendary 911R, built in 1967 for racing and reissued in 2016, comes in a true-to-life 1:18 scale 3D puzzle. Ravensburger's 3D puzzle pieces are sturdy and interlock perfectly to create a unique 3-dimensional vehicle



  • hand-eye coordination
  • focus and patience
  • strategic planning


Product Facts

  • 1:18 scale model of the Porsche 911R
  • No glue required
  • Rotating wheels turns puzzle into a model car


Product Contents

  • 108 numbered puzzle pieces
  • Rotating wheels
  • Instructions


Age: 10+

Players: Any

MSRP: $29.99 (US) $39.99 (CA)

Available: 1/29/2019

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