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Bahrain is not a place known for abundant snowfall, but Schmee150 finds an Arctic storm of horsepower there when he checks out the Snowcat – a tuned Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat making around 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts). The American muscle car is a bit different from the European supercars that Shmee usually checks out, and he gets quite a thrill out of the experience behind the wheel.

The Snowcat wears a widebody kit from Prior Design that adds quite a bit of meat to the fenders. A bigger front splitter and rear diffuser add to the meaner look, too. The huge wheels feature a set of Dunlop rubber with a vintage look comprising a white stripe and the tire brand's logo.

Osama, the Hellcat's owner, doesn't go into too much detail about the engine modifications that boost the output, but riding with him offers a chance to show off the modified exhaust that pops loudly when letting off the throttle. The Challenger now rides on an air suspension that allows Osama to drop the car to make a cool impression or lift it for regular driving. According to Shmee, the setup offers quite a comfy ride on Bahrain's highways, too.

The Snowcat is the product of Bahrain's SMS Design & Performance that tunes all sorts of vehicles. American muscle appears to be the shop's major focus, but a TVR and old Mercedes are in the garage, too. Shmee gets the biggest kick out of a colorful Chevrolet-Camaro-bodied drag racer.

Source: Shmee150 via YouTube

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