Imagine this: a bull is chasing you at full speed, armed with all intentions to run you over. Not sure why, but maybe you're wearing red? Regardless, you think getting out of the paved path would save you and try your luck off road. But then again, the bull has the ability to go anywhere and you just gave up because no matter what you do, the bull will be able to catch up with you.

That's basically what the Lamborghini Urus with Off-Road package is. A bull that can go anywhere – except that it can go as fast as 190 miles per hour and can reach 60 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds. Good luck running away from that thing.

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The Urus Off-Road Package comes with specific exterior design to elevate the super SUV's off-road performance. Steel reinforcements are added to the bumpers while brushed steel texturized the tailpipes and a functional roof rail is available for your off-roading equipment. Stainless skid plates are also added to protect the Urus' undersides – not that you need one since the ground clearance can be raised to as much as 248mm (9.8 inches). When lifted to its highest ground clearance, the Urus has a higher approach angle of 27.9° (vs. 20.3° of the base car) and departure angle of 28.3° (vs. 26.8°).

Driving modes are also increased to six, with the Terra and Sabbia modes added to the list. Sabbia mode is specifically made to maximize the Urus' performance when driving on sand or gravel surfaces. Terra, on the other hand, permits maximum obstacle overtaking for improved safety even on very rough off-road surfaces.

Of course, off-roading can get a little dirty, that's why Lamborghini also throws in the Washing Package to ensure maximum visibility in all weather and road conditions. It features advanced cleaning performance, which also reduces water consumption.

Watch the video on top of this page to see the Off-Road and Washing packages in detail.

Source: Lamborghini 

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