Hot rods were all over the silver screen by the mid-50s, leading to the cration of the Travolta Fever customized Pontiac Firebird over twenty years later. Now you can buy the original Travolta Fever on eBay.

When we all thought the off track revelations have died down in the world of Formula 1, Mclaren come to the rescue with their involvement in another spying scandal, but this time they are the victims.

This time McLaren's Formula 1 rivals Renault have been summoned by the FIA over charges they were in possession of secret McLaren documents containing information about the McLaren fuelling system, gear assembly, oil cooling system, critical dimension data, hydraulic control system and a novel suspension component used in the 2006 and 2007 McLaren F1 cars.

McLaren's former Engineer Phil Mackereth is alleged to have taken 3 disks containing the detailed information with him to Renault, and if found guilty they could possibly be facing a $100 million fine as well as being thrown out of the constructors championship, if the FIA follows the precedence they have already set with McLaren.

The hearing is set to take place on December 6th.


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