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Super Bowl LIII is just around the corner. The big game airs on February 3, and though we’ve yet to see the smattering of creative commercials that run during the broadcast, Lexus may already have the best one. There’s just one problem – it won’t run during the Super Bowl. In fact, it’s not a commercial at all. But it should be.

Lexus is stepping back from the Super Bowl commercial spotlight this year, choosing instead to run a cheeky four-minute spot on its YouTube channel about quarterback safety. More importantly, the mini-film takes a “serious” look at how Lexus is incorporating its various vehicle safety systems to make sure the quarterback is protected at all times. The clip stars Matt Leinart, who was a talented quarterback in the NFL and a Heisman Trophy winner in college. He retired in 2013, but obviously, he’s still very passionate about the game and keeping players safe.

How does it all work? Lexus breaks down its “QBSS+” system into five components. Blindside monitoring effectively eliminates the need for defenders, warning the QB of impending attack outside the normal field of vision. A 360-degree pocket protection camera provides a top-down view of the action, offering more opportunity to evade defenders. A “proprietary” scramble map system can offer quarterbacks a GPS-style route to find a safe way forward, and yes, in the event of actual contact, there’s a complex airbag system that deploys to ensure the QB hits the ground with a soft, cushioned fall.

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Our favorite component, however, is the boo-dampening system. This is specifically designed to cater to the fragile ego of a quarterback, converting all the negative comments from the stands into positive reinforcement. The “test fan” didn’t hold anything back in her words to Leinart for the demonstration, and frankly we see all kinds of real-world uses for this tech. Any chance it could be converted to social media comments on car articles?

Buried in all the wacky football humor is the new Lexus UX crossover, which features similar safety features that actually exist. Apparently, it’s also the ideal transport vehicle for carrying a slightly sweaty, emotionally troubled quarterback off the field. Hey, there needs to be a tie-in to a model somewhere in all this, right?

Super Bowl commercials are crazy expensive, so we totally understand Lexus choosing to not spend $20 million for advertising. But this could be one of the best Super Bowl-related car adverts we’ve ever seen. Well done, Lexus.

Source: Lexus via YouTube, Adweek

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